Why Reno Laser Cutting is Changing the Local Metal-Cutting Game

Laser-Cut Metals, Fast.

Why Reno Laser Cutting is Changing the Local Metal-Cutting Game

The Biggest Little City has always been a magnet for innovative new businesses. This latest addition to Reno’s local business scene is no exception. Reno Laser Cutting is a laser cutting metal company specializing in precise, high quality metal projects.

The team at Reno Laser Cutting is small but mighty. Lead by Northern Nevada lifelong resident James Belosic (Jim), Reno Laser Cutting is serving the local manufacturers by churning out laser cut metal parts in record time.

The story behind Reno Laser Cutting started when Jim and his friends had trouble getting custom metal parts for their automotive fabrication projects. “No one wanted to deal with us to cut a one-off part. Plus, with a 2-3 week turnaround time, getting custom parts made was a huge pain.”

To fulfill this need in the underserved maker, fabricator, crafter community, Jim bought the most sophisticated, fiber-optic laser cutter on the market to offer large-batch jobs, or even single part runs to anyone in need of custom metal parts (check out Reno Laser Cutting’s sister company SendCutSend.com)

What sets this new company apart from other metal laser cutters in Reno?

Speed: Reno Laser Cutting will have your order shipped before the other guys can even get you a quote.

Precision: The state-of-the-art high-speed fiber optic laser is one of a kind in the Reno area. Cutting accurately to a 0.010” is no problem for this metal-cutting marvel. 

Versatility: The operation is great for small runs, single parts, custom prototypes and large orders. On top of that, there are all kinds of metals and thicknesses to choose from.

Competitive pricing: Shop around and see for yourself.

Locally owned: Invest in the community you live in by supporting a small, family-owned business.

Despite being the new kid on the block, Reno Laser Cutting is already making waves by producing large jobs for local manufacturers. To add to the list of things this company is already doing right, Reno Laser Cutting offers excellent customer service. Send them an email and you may just get a reply from Jim himself.

Ready to learn more? Visit https://www.renolasercutting.com/ to read about Reno Laser Cutting, and to get a quote.